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About COEF

In 1995, the first (DOS) version of COEF (Circuit Online Entry Facility) appeared. Since then, the concept has not changed but more functionality has been added. Over 150 running races and crosses have been registered with COEF in recent years. After the release of the Windows version in 2002, COEF is now also available as a service on the Internet. For our customers, it means that they can now fully use all functionality with or without the support they are used to from Dockhorn Software.

With this new version, you have the ability to use COEF with any device that has an Internet Browser available anywhere you have an internet connection. Of course, it is also possible to run the system on a local network.

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COEF Users

The following circuits (series of races) use COEF. Via the links you will find the current information of the circuit.
Zorg en Zekerheid Circuit